Kira Taylor is an 18 year old Floridian based Indie Singer-Songwriter who was born and raised in the Historical Charleston, South Carolina. She has a very soulful sound with a little bit of southern feel to her voice. Many people describe Kira as having an old soul because of her wise manner. She does have Cystic Fibrosis but doesn’t let the disease slow her down.  The moment that she watched two sisters – Christina and Ali Christensen (who also have Cystic Fibrosis) perform on “America’s Got Talent” in 2010 was her “Aha Moment” of when she realized that her dream of singing/performing could come true!!!  

She has had about 20 interviews including T.V. interviews, blog articles, magazine articles, and radio/celebrity interviews which all have made an enormous impact in her life showing her that as she always states, “no matter if you have an illness, disease, disability, or just a bad day you shouldn’t let that stop you from reaching your dreams”.

If Kira could choose her most notable shows/experiences it would be: Performing in Ohio at the 2nd Annual NO Bull Music Showcase of 2014 along with Spencer Sutherland, Olivia Millerschin, and Liberty Deep  Down, being selected to open up for Florida’s Premier Country Band “Easy Posse” at the Lowry Park Bandshell  for the Friday Extra Concert Series which was her “First Paid Gig” and when she was flown out to LA and received the 1st  Ever “Move It Award” at The Great American No Bull Teen Video Awards for her Anti-bullying Music Cover Video of “Bad Day” by Daniel Powter  collaboration she did with her talented friend Pablo (HousePuzzle) who is a musician/music engineer. Both Pablo and Kira were thrilled beyond belief when Daniel Powter singer-songwriter of “Bad Day” supported our version of his song by responding back to her on Instagram and saying that she is an inspiration and retweeting our video and saying, “keep fighting the good fight”.  


As of right now, she just got the instrumentals redone on her first original song “Country Girl Things” and is working on finding a professional studio (that’s affordable) to rerecord her vocals for it.  She is very thrilled to get to share the masterpiece when it is all finished and polish since the song is very near and dear to Kira’s heart!!  After the single is finished, she will then be working on having the instrumentals of her second song “Friends” re done and then rerecord her vocals. This song is her anti-bullying song and has a Christian aspect to it.